Dallas, Texas (1VIZABILITY.COM) — If highly graphical websites could do their own marketing and promotion, there would be no need to employ an SEO professional for social media and other web marketing mediums. However, it takes more than strong website design to get visibility to clients and search engines in order to increase sales or readership. In the process of making a web business workable, online business owners must spend time creating a quality website keeping in mind the marketing aspect-the most important aspect of a business.

If you want to see what John Smith buys, you have to see the world through his eyes.

The three most important points to remember when creating a website are:

1) Target Audience – What would look good to the targeted customers?
2) Keep it easy for customers to find the information or product they are looking for in as little time as possible.
3) Customers and the target market should be the center of focus while designing and developing a website.

Today’s world is one of convenience. In short, usability of a website is the single most important element that keeps visitors glued to a website while helping them to easily navigate through the web pages.

While there is no doubt that the presentation cannot be undermined, similarly the search engine friendliness of the website can make or break a website. The website, if it lacks financial benefits to the online business owner, could be deemed worthless without a click-through rate, no unique visitors and no business. Frustrating, isn’t it?

As people become more Internet savvy, conducting searches isn’t the only way to connect to the World Wide Web. Chatting with friends, visiting social media sites, reading press releases and educating articles are all other ways to connect to the Internet in addition to buying products and services.

Along with quality hosting, an interactive, user-friendly website is a sure fire way to attract visitors. Website business owners should highly consider employing a search engine optimization professional to improve their search engine ranking by employing marketing methods such as Pay Per Click as, social media, blogging, press release marketing, etc. This will not only help in gaining visibility but also increase the website’s traffic, thus helping to increase the bottom line.

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