Despite the many new Internet marketing strategies, Google Adwords still remains one of the best, and there are plenty of reasons why:

1. Traffic is more targeted. Your ads only appear to your desired audience or your target market, using selected keywords. Thus, you can expect better or higher returns for your Google Adwords investment.

2. You can measure the success of your marketing campaign. Using the Adword management system of Google, you can easily see which of the ad groups are performing well and which ones are not. This then allows you to make better marketing decisions for your business.

3. You can have control over your expenses. Though Adwords isn’t completely free, you still have the freedom to control over your budget by choosing keywords that you can afford.

Nevertheless, there are also some potential problems that you may encounter if you aren’t too careful about Google Adwords:

1. Google Adwords isn’t enough. Though Google Adwords is still effective, you should learn to combine it with other online marketing methods, such as article marketing and link development. These strategies are free. Moreover, not everyone is ecstatic about clicking ads.

2. It needs constant improvement. Thousands of ads are launched every day, and if you don’t do anything to change your keywords or your content, then there’s a huge possibility that there will be lesser click-through rate for you.

3. You will spend. An expense is an expense—there’s no way of explaining it differently. At the minimum, you have to spend $50 for your Adwords. If you don’t have money to spare, you might as well stick to the free ones first.

Google Adwords will only work if you do want to make it work. In the end, you have to be very careful on your decisions and simply not rely on Google Adwords to do everything for your business.

For best results combine your online marketing with Adwords, Organic Search engine optimization and other traditional ways to reach out customers. The best thing that we have found by using Adwords is that it help you identify what keywords work. This way you can build your SEO based on what people have clicked to find you using Adwords.

Contributor: 1VIZABILITY.COM — A Dallas Search engine promotion company