Web 2.0 – Integrated Marketing But “whatcha ma call it”

September 9, 2008 (1VIZABILITY.COM - Web News)

Web 2.0 is not a software but “whatcha ma call it” which has become a part new web. Let me explain. – The feature that are incorporated in Web 2.0 and their applications are as follows,

1) Cascading Style Sheet:- presentation of a document written in a markup language
2) Folksnomies or social tagging:-community oriented sharing of personal data utilizing social tags is the premier feature integrated with web 2.0.
3) Automated processing: – Processing personal data of visitors for cross referencing at a later stage for viral marketing or permission based marketing.
4) API: – Application programming interface included in Web2.0 supports XML, REST and JSON based interfaces on the cyberspace.
5) Ajax: – Web 2.0 is Ajax based ,which helps in retrieving interior or backed Web Pages without disturbing the actual out look of the web site.
6) RSS feeds: – Assemble all your e-mail RSS feeds with Web 2.0
7)Mashups:-Include data from the users and server side to finally merge them for your own advantage and affiliate marketing strategies.
8) Blogging:- Innovate and add text to your blogs smoothly with Web 2.0
9) Forum: – Launch your own forum for increasing link popularity and social marketing on the cyberspace.

Web 2.0 is now our daily life. An effective vital and essential elements of viral advertising and affiliate promotion of a web site. The integrated services are more inclined towards social interactions and hence will be utilized to generate more human traffics to a web site while on the other end due to a more personal approach and versatile ability to support a vast number of interface on the virtual grounds web 2.0 is gaining popularity among the webmasters by leaps and bounds. Citing the present rating among the users web 2.0 is all set to become the most adorable marketing “Web 2.0 ” on the cyberspace in the near future.

Web 2.0 = XML, social tagging, Application programming interface, RSS feeds, Mashups, Blogging, Forum

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