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September 12, 2008 (1VIZABILITY.COM - Web News)

It’s either you go for aesthetics, or you settle for function. Either way, web designers will always have this perennial problem. What a lot of them don’t know about is that the ultimate key in designing a very effective website is to combine the two. It should be efficient in delivering its message and accomplishing its purpose, whatever it may be, and should be attractive enough to capture attention and enrich the Internet experience of users.Here are the best tips when it comes to web design:1. Get rid of Flash files and heavy graphics. Surely, Flash animation never fails to draw oohs and aahs from Internet users, but don’t expect them to last long. There are, after all, too many issues about it. First, not all browsers can effective display the Flash file. Second, they will only slow down the download time of the website. Third, search engine spiders don’t index them. You better invest more on other useful media files like podcasts and videos that can be shared virally.2. Make sure the website is easy to navigate. Label menus properly, and ensure that the internal links are all working. As much as possible, important information should not be placed at the bottom since users don’t really like to scroll down a lot. Most of all, add a Home button in every page or make it static. Just in case your user gets lost, they can always go back to the beginning.3. Stick to what is neat and simple. Strike a balance between texts and graphics, the latter being used to point out the key points or emphasize the message of the content. Lighter-colored backgrounds are more pleasing to the eyes. It’s also ideal to use common fonts like Times New Roman or Verdana since they are available in all types of computers and browsers.By: Dallas web site design company  –

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