Looks matter, especially if you’re talking about your profile. That’s why when Facebook management decided to eliminate the ability to retain the old, millions revolted—literally.Almost two months ago, Facebook launched a new “face” in viewing a profile but allowed users to switch from the old and new. Today, however, this option is totally phased out, and everyone should deal with it, even if they don’t like it in the first place.

The move, however, also caused the establishment of Petition against New Facebook, which is now the most popular group in this huge social networking website. Headed by a student in Tennessee, Scott Sanders, all members agreed that Facebook should try to retain both versions to permit users to maximize their viewing and Internet experience.Facebook management, though, is standing by with their decision.

In a blog entry written by Mark Slee, he believes that there will come a time when such change will be embraced by everyone. In fact, when the new look was launched, around 30 million used it and never went back to the old design.The purpose of coming up with a new face is to go for cleaner and easier-to-manage profiles. The tabs can also be customized, and users can already navigate through the different features and choices in the website a lot quicker. He will also have the chance to filter out the feeds he likes. The integration of applications into the website and into the user’s profiles is also vastly improved.This isn’t the first time that Facebook users were appalled by the changes done in the website. In 2006, the then-new tool called news feeds caught the ire of many, as it broadcast personal information. It also happened again by the introduction of Beacon, which kept track on the habits of Facebook users.

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