There is no clear explanation as why people dream. One thing is for sure, though: once you get to remember it, it will always have a lasting impact on you. It can make you feel sad, happy, scared, surprised, excited, and all other kinds of emotions. And because humans are known to be emotional, we love to take down these dreams or memories, and what better way than to have them published online.

This is what is all about. It was developed by Kelly Matthews, initially for her own personal enjoyment until there are a lot of people who get interested in what she had come up with. Now, around 7 years after, there are already a hundred thousand dreams that have been shared to the rest of the world. There are also new and exciting features that members can look forward to.

How to Access the Website

The website is basically member-based. This means that for you to fully enjoy it, you need to be registered. However, there is no fee that you need to pay for you to do so. Once you become a member, you can already start posting your dreams—yes, it is like blogging, only that your topics will revolve around your visions.

Features include a tracking system, where you can monitor the symbols or the main themes of your dreams using the Dream Symbol Cloud and the Dream Keyword Cloud. You can also manipulate the settings of your post, perhaps allowing only your friends to read what you have. There is also an online forum, and you can also request for interpretation of your dreams. Moreover, you can inform your friends of any update through the RSS feed or Twitter.

At Dream Journal, you are free to relive every wonderful or painful dream you have.