Are you a book publisher? Do you wish to promote your business through a book? Now is the right time. Google Book Search has just enhanced its features, and it will certainly bring about viral marketing for your publications. You can also entice your readers to visit your website more, as there are plenty of other resources that they can choose from.

The newest development of API for Google Book Search now allows webmasters, website developers, and just anyone who is running a website to add the features of Google Book Search to their web pages. With the use of a code, you can already update your readers on any interesting news about their favorite books, such as previews. This will be handy especially if they are uncertain if a particular book is worth or not.

Other interesting features to look forward to are the following:
1. You can obtain any information about the book. If your visitors has a special book in mind, and he wants to know more about it, the Google Book Search in your website will inform him of not only the title but also critic reviews and consumer ratings. You can even obtain their user libraries data.
2. Search books right at your own website. Your visitors don’t have to leave your site just to search a book. They can do so even when they’re browsing through your web pages.
3. Customize the links. You can have more control over the Javascript by adding more links to your Google Book Search, such as their ISBNs, OLC numbers, and other pertinent information that will make it easier for your readers to look for a certain publication.

You can visit to know more about this latest development, as well as how you can basically start the process.