Why do companies need to release press releases? Articles submitted to article directories can only do so much. You cannot basically talk about more the products and services that you’re offering. Press releases, moreover, give you an opportunity to enhance your marketing strategies while allowing your targeted market to get to know more about the business.

However, not everyone will have the time to do press releases. The next best option therefore is to avail of  affordable press release services. Now, they don’t cost cheap. They can be as much as hundreds to thousands of dollars, depending on who is doing it for you. Just to make sure that you’ll get your money’s worth, here are some tips for you:

1. Choose one that has enough experience. Though you can always expect much lower rates from the newbies, if you want to feel secured of the service, you better go for the more experienced ones. They don’t only know how to come up with attention-grabbing and conversion-enhancing press releases, but they also have a wide distribution networks, where they can publish your press releases.

2. They must know SEO. SEO still plays a huge role in press releases to ensure that your copies will be highly visible in search engines. A lot of them, though, offer both, so it will be like hitting two birds in one stone.

3. They must also have a very good track record. They can always have a wide range of experience, but if they don’t have excellent track record, you might as well stay away from them. These are actually companies who run misleading or completely false press releases for hype. They are also the ones who don’t cooperate with their clients very well, providing you with press releases that you aren’t looking for in the first place.

By:  1vizability.com Press Release Writing & Distribution Specialist