As technology and the need of online users change, the methods of advertising also experience an evolution. However, the tried-and-tested ones remain the same. They may only be modified to fit into the current times.

One of these is link building. Today, there are a lot of varieties of link building. Moreover, there are new rules that have to be followed to ensure the success of this method. But the benefits hardly ever change.

There are two good reasons why you go for link building:

1. It puts you in search engines. Unless you’re found in Google, Yahoo, and MSN, your online business is non-existent. It also doesn’t help if you’re found a lot of pages away in search results. Your main goal should be at least among the top 10 on the targeted keywords you’re using. Research says that online users click the first website in the list, believing it’s the most relevant answer to their query.

Every website is given its own page rank. Using a special algorithm, your page rank will be determined by the PR of others. If you link to websites with higher scores, ranging from 3 to 9, your website will definitely get a good spot. If not, it means that you have to look for more relevant pages out there. The bottom line, though, is that every link gives you a vote that puts you somewhere in the World Wide Web.

2. You get a lot of traffic. Traffic is important as majority of the prospects come from there. You will further increase traffic if your website is linked in other webpages. Their visitors will get to see your site, which then means that you’re going to get a boost in your traffic.

By: SEO Services Company – 1VIZABILITY.COM