Whether you’re working with an SEO professional or on your own, your search engine optimization should begin with one thing: keywords. These are the terms that are used by Internet visitors in looking for specific information. For example, if they want to know more about the solar system, they may key in “solar system information” in Google or other search engines. If you can’t pick the right keywords for your website and optimize it, there’s no way that you will be found by your targeted visitors.

These keywords are also the ones that you are going to use when registering your web pages in directories or search engines. They make it easier for users to narrow down their choices. After all, even a simple directory can have hundreds of web pages in it.

But how to you exactly choose your keywords? Fortunately, there are already a number of free keyword suggestion tools that you can utilize. This includes Google Adwords Keyword Tool. You can research on the keywords that are related to your niche and select the ones with average competition. You don’t like to settle for the top-ranking ones, since competition is already tough there. You also won’t go down to the least popular as they can be extremely hard to optimize.

By: One SEO Company