When building up page ranking, there are two considerations: first, the keyword density or the number of times that a keyword related to your niche is repeated in a document, and the back links.

In search engine optimization, links are as essential to building a high page ranking as keyword density. It is important to build up a network of links that all point to your website. The important thing here is to build up links that are related to your niche, and not just any type of link.

One of the considerations in building links is the metrics involved in each link. Each link has several attributes. Link metrics deal with these. One of the factors considered in link metrics is how old and how relevant the link is to your website. Link metrics also concerns itself with the position of the link, the anchor and its surrounding text.

Of course, links are not easily given away. SEO experts have a detailed set of strategies that they use to acquire back links. Of course, not all strategies are applicable. In SEO, there are also forbidden techniques that, although they are effective, they are unfair and against the rules of search engine optimization.

Contributor: Dallas SEO Company