When search engine optimization was a very novel and revolutionary concept, it was all about numbers. Webmasters were forced to learn a bit of math to learn how to determine their page rank, their number of unique links, and the right keyword density.

Fast-forward to few years after, it was still about one number alone—the conversion rate. Though page rank and links still play a part when it comes to the success of a website in the field of search engine optimization, they are no longer the “be all-end all.” It is no longer about how many visitors you have but how many of them eventually became your regular customers. A page rank and excellent inbound links can get you to top places in search engine results, but it does not really mean that you can rake profits from them.

That is why it is very important that one learns to focus more on how to build long-term relationships not only to their customers but also to their prospects. It should also be about optimizing your ROI.

You may want to focus on your content and new methods of social media marketing such as videos, podcasts, webcasts, and social bookmarking websites.

By: Dallas Web Site Design Company – SEO Company