Dallas, Texas – Gone are the days when blogs were used as a favorite past time for youngsters. In fact, businesses have taken to using blogs as a way to expand their products and services to a larger audience.

The list of the businesses who have started a corporate blog is increasing daily. Are you blogging yet? If not, here are a few reasons why blogging is beneficial and why it’s worth it to design a corporate blog site as soon as possible!

1. Brings executives closer to customers – Corporate executives and management can use blogs to more easily communicate with customers, suppliers, investors, and even employees.

2. Blogging provides the author with the chance to speak freely in a controlled forum. Blogs are ‘green’ too, with no paper waste or newsletters that will end up in the trash. Blogs are easy and cost effective.

3. Blog writers can benefit from blogging by sharing ideas and connecting with the public, generating trust which will lead to business increased opportunities.

4. Blogs have a wide impact on online marketing and advertising by unveiling an opportunity to publish content, pictures video to the web without specialized technical skills.

5. Blogs help to boost search engine rankings if new content is added on a regular basis. Google and other major search engines give preferential treatment to sites that are updated often.

6. Readers are more likely to give feedback on a blog since it is more informal than a press release.

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