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June 27, 2009 (1VIZABILITY.COM - Business Tip)

Dallas, Texas (OneSEOCompany.com) –Transitioning from Corporate America to owning a small business is a dream that many people hold. Although many people with those dreams will never actualize them because of many different fears. According to statistics most companies don’t make it past year five. Yet, despite the recession and current economic turmoil many people are still taking the leap to start their own business.  Proper planning can make the change from your cubicle to owning your own company less stressful and more rewarding.
Here are the top 10 things to take into consideration when starting your own business. Future posts will focus into how you can grow your small business online using effective web design, online marketing, search engine optimization (SEO),  SEO optimized press release distribution, social media (Facebook, Twitter,YouTube) optimize your small business online Return on investment(ROI).

1. Funding/Capital: this is probably one of the most common reasons why people don’t start their own business.
2. Developing a marketing and business plan: unless you are a person that has no fear on cold calling, finding and securing your clients will prove to be one of your biggest challenges.
3. A professional website and other search engine marketing: long gone are the days of advertising in the Yellow Pages and local newspapers – however, just having a static presence on the web will not bring customers to you.
4. Proper Set-up for Tax & Liability Reasons: When starting a business one of the most important things you can and should do is to do the proper type of set-up for both tax and liability reasons. It’s not so much a matter of “if” something happens; rather it’s more “when” something happens.
5. Proper research to determine if your service or product has a viable and lucrative market. Have you defined your ideal client/customer? What is the lifetime value of a customer?
6. Your family and friends. Having the support of the ones we love is important yet we have to be resilient enough to overcome the negativity some may present to us.
7. Are you willing to work more hours than you currently are? What tasks can be outsourced? It’s best to begin to outsource the areas you don’t enjoy or excel at while you aren’t swamped and busy.
8. Do you have the motivation and perseverance to work alone? Or maybe you are going to have employees? If you are going to be working alone are you a self-starter? What will be your social outlets? If you plan on having employees then there are other factors to take into consideration.
9. Business goals/business plan
10. What skills do you already possess and what skills do you need to learn or brush up on?

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