Dallas, Texas — Finally, a marketing agency has found what so many companies, ad agencies and business executives have been searching for in an effort to ramp up business and increase the bottom line.

A recent and highly anticipated launch of a ground-breaking newsroom technology has taken the corporate world by storm. This new product, appropriately called Vision Smart Newsroom, is the first ever of its kind, enabling the law firms, physicians and others to achieve the most valuable way of search engine optimization (SEO).

The Dallas SEO specialists at One SEO Company has chosen this product as the ultimate tool in advertising, specifically for law firms specializing in all areas of practice.

Custom Web-Based Newsroom

Using the seamless and ultra-intelligent Vision Smart Newsroom, the legal industry will have the ability to distribute news stories, announcements, and press releases directly to a targeted audience and media outlets nationwide using a customized newsroom without the added expense of costly distribution channels.

After the information has been released, it can also be syndicated to an even larger network of newswires, enabling the user to attain publicity on a global scale, and reap the benefits of a lucrative website optimization tool that has been completely customized for each unique goal.

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One SEO Company

One SEO Company is a full service web design, Internet marketing, and search engine optimization (SEO) agency based in Dallas, Texas. The firm is currently extending an invitation to attorneys and law firms to obtain a free consultation with an SEO expert on how their blog and newsroom services can enable professionals to get their news to search engines and prospective clients within minutes, and effectively generate significant client leads.

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