Optimizing a website might be though to be an easy task. Some website owners do perceive search engine optimization as simple, routine website construction and development phase and thus unfortunately do not see the real value laying behind ethical optimization techniques. Well, this is true for those who are ignorant enough but for those who have walked the path, its a tough piece of work.

Not every business owner is skilled in website development and generally do hire outside help for making of their websites, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, internet marketing etc. and therefore at times get hooked up with SEO companies that guarantee top search engine ranking and greater visibility claiming special relationship with Google.

Google warns, ‘Beware of SEOs that claim to guarantee rankings, allege a “special relationship” with Google, or advertise a “priority submit” to Google.’ The master search engine does say that all websites are treated equally and those with ethical search engine optimization applied would gain better ranking.

“You can get to the top for sure but it takes time to climb the ladder. You have to be right all the way that is your website structure must be search engine friendly, your content must be netted with the right keywords and phrases that are frequently used by the web searchers, website content must be original etc. All of this and much more is considered by Google before it indexes your website. Don’t fall for freebees and don’t fall for immediate results. Get visibility organically and through the right search engine marketing techniques,” says QZee

Getting more website traffic is more important than merely been seen on top, sure top ranking matter but gaining online visibility matters too. QZee adds, ‘You can’t wait till you come on the top of search engine ranking results, you need people to find you online and for that you need to promote your website and make people visit your website and end up doing some business.’

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