Dallas, Texas – The sheer size and popularity of social networking site like Facebook is hard to ignore. Everyone from the college student to the housewife, the small business owner to the worldwide corporation has tapped into the power of social networking.

Facebook is more than a fad; it’s a platform that is now being used for both personal and business uses, boosting marketing and sales.
How can your for local businesses take advantage of the power of Facebook? Internet marketing company, OneSEOCompany.com (http://www.oneseocompany.com/SEO-Services-Company.html) outlines the biggest reasons to take advantage of this social networking powerhouse:

•    Since Facebook is free and easily accessible, this social networking site is ideal for building brand awareness. Facebook also offers geo-targeted pay-per-click ads that can zero in on your particular city of area, helping you keep costs down while getting the most for your money. Create a Facebook page or group to help spread the word about your company or organization.

•    Information spreads like wildfire on Facebook, making is an easy source to communicate your local business’s news, events, product launches or new services. Using Facebook to distribute information, you allow your readers to easily access any updates you post without sending out emails, leaving voicemails and using word of mouth.

•    Bring people together who have an interest in your business using Facebook. By creating a Facebook page or group, you can boost your brand awareness and your members can speak back and forth about your business. Call if a free focus group of sorts, and let fans share positive stories and testimonials about your products or services.

•    Offer another customer service portal using your business’s Facebook page. Let your customers ask questions, read feedback or offer a review. This social networking site yet one more way to get in touch with you without having to sit on hold.
When executed in a strategic manner, Facebook can be one of the best, most effective marketing tools for your local business. In order to get that competitive edge on the marketplace, use Facebook to your advantage by communicating with your local community to boost your sales.

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