The popularity of Facebook has lead to many discussions about using he popular social networking site for marketing and business promotion.

Internet marketers have begun using Facebook to market and have been successful in building their businesses. Social media is all about building personal and business relationships. You need to be original, genuine and transparent. Facebook is all about creating personal relationship and business networking.Why should solo attorneys use Facebook to build their business? According to an excerpt written by a Facebook lead team who gave some quick stats on the Facebook search:
▪ Over 600 million searches per month. This makes Facebook one of the top 20 search engines on the web in terms of number of searches.▪ Most-used people search engine on the web.

The Facebook experts outline that search algorithms are built around social graphic distance. This means attorneys are able to network with people closer to them geographically, most likely in the city or state where the attorneys practice.

“Facebook search’s key differentiator is that search results are unique to every user because they are based on an individual’s place in the social graph,” explains a member of the Facebook development team.

Thus, we understand that Facebook helps attorneys to:
–    Be found by people who are searching for legal services who are in close proximity, and attorneys will be dealing directly with the target market.

–    Increase the chances of connecting with potential clients.

–    Link attorney blogs and website to their Facebook account, while promoting and sharing on the web.

If you are new to Facebook and want to learn about making Facebook your attorney Internet marketing tool, talk to the law firm Internet marketing company that can help you to set up and create your web presence though the biggest social networking tool on the Internet – Facebook.

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