Useful Tips for a Successful Press Release Distribution

February 28, 2012 (1VIZABILITY.COM - Business Tip)

Search Engine Optimization changes a lot through the years.  What search marketers deem important for the past few years may have little or no value these days.  The use of Press Release Distribution as a link-building tactic to syndicate contents is not that effective anymore considering the fact that some search marketing practitioners submit press releases for the sake of building back-links.

There’s no wrong about building back-links through press release submission but it should not become the main reason why you’re doing such a campaign.  As an online marketer, you should be mindful about the impact of each press release article you publish to your website’s branding and reputation.

In order to have an effective marketing campaign through Press Release Distribution, you should know the right process on how to deliver it.  This would not only boost your search engine visibility but will also increase your brand exposure by getting hard-to-get publicity from the tri-media (i.e. TV, Radio, and Newspaper) sector.

Below are some useful suggestions and tips on how to conduct a successful Online SEO Press Release Distribution.

Start creating a Media List Database – To keep you on track and in control of your campaign, you should create a database listing all potential media contacts from bloggers, journalist, news reporters, and the like.  This would make your next campaign a lot easier to manage.  You can categorize your data by countries or by niche.  The filtering and segregation depends on the type of business you have.

Create a Specific Goal for each Press Release – It is important that you have a specific goal in each press release so that you can measure its level of exposure and effectiveness.  For example, you may want people to rate your newly launched product through a poll or survey.

Identify your Audience – Though press release articles are mainly intended for journalists, you should be aware that these PRs published online are read by a variety of audience worldwide.  If you are having a press release about your newly launched cosmetic website, be sure to write the article to convince women that you are offering effective products through the tone of your PR.

Your Press Release Should be Newsworthy – This is a very basic requirement in distributing press release news online.  You should be particular with the timing and should always publish fresh information about your product or company.

Identify the Most Important Thing People Should Know about Your Press Release – Always put the most important news in the first and also in the last part of your PR.  This ensures you that your target audience won’t forget about the most necessary things they need to know about your business.

Always promote your Website – One of the most important parts of an online PR campaign is to always promote your website in every PR article you distribute.  A back-link from a high authority website containing your PR helps a lot in increasing your online reputation and also helps you rank higher in search engine result pages.

Get Someone to Edit your PR – Before anything else, always be meticulous when it comes to spelling and grammar.  Your PR is a one-page reflection of the credibility and image of your business or company.  Don’t let grammatical errors ruin your business.  Hire an editor or an experience PR publisher to proof check your PR article.

Keep it simple and short – One of the important components of an effective PR article is its simplicity and length.  You should stick with the facts and keep your words simple and don’t make it too long.  A very long PR is not recommended because most people easily get bored with lengthy write-ups.

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