A lot has been going nowadays in the search marketing industry that sometimes search marketers tend to forget the essence and purpose of the real search engine optimization.  There’s already a widely accepted internet blue-print when it comes to on-page optimization but a lot of search marketers are still stuck in the ongoing process of testing and experimentation when it comes to off-page optimization or link-building.

As search engine programs become more and more intelligent in detecting artificial back-links, search marketers also look for ways to outwit the algorithms by presenting a natural and organic accumulation of website commendations (back-links).  This presentation and management have something to do with Link Velocity, one of the most important factors in link-building that search marketers should properly administer and execute in their website’s link-building campaign.

What is Link Velocity?

Link Velocity is simply the rate or measure of back-links your website receives or loses in a specific period of time.  It can be compared to a car’s average speed per hour.  The amount of back-links that are successfully indexed in a week or the number of links that are de-indexed shows your website’s Link Velocity.

Importance of Link Velocity in Off-page Optimization

There are still lots of search marketers who are not familiar with Link Velocity.  This is the very reason why numerous websites have been penalized and moved to sandbox when Google released their spam-buster program – Google Panda.

Google Panda is part of Google Search enhancement feature in detecting websites with lots of artificial back-links or those ones which have accumulated malicious amounts of website commendations in just a short period of time.  But, Google Panda’s algorithm is more complex than that.

Google Panda looks at a website’s authority and trust and it starts with its Link Velocity.  Link-building is not just about creating back-links in high authority websites, it also has to do with the consistency of the amount of website commendations your site receives in a particular length of time.  This consistency and regular pattern are one of the factors Google used in determining if your website can be trusted or not.  Giving a particular care in your website’s Link Velocity in the early phase of your off-page optimization campaign is a must to build trust and authority which are one of the most important factors in determining your website’s SERP (search engine result page) ranking.

Link Velocity is just among the numerous important factors search engines look-up in in ranking a website.  Your search engine optimization campaign should have a balance combination of on-page and off-page tactics to achieve a fully optimized website with authority, great content, and trust.

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