Things You Need to Know About Link Acceleration and Search Engine Optimization

March 1, 2012 (1VIZABILITY.COM - SEO News)

Link Acceleration is not a very popular search engine optimization topic online.  In fact, when you go to Google and type the keywords “Link Acceleration”, you will only find a very limited number of websites or pages that talk about the subject.

In our previous blog post, we have tackled about Link Velocity and its importance in building trust and authority for your website.   Now, we will move on to Link Acceleration.

What is Link Acceleration?

An acceleration occurs when a car consistently running with an average speed of 50-kilometer per hour suddenly shifted its gears and increases its speed to 100 KPH.  This is also the same when it comes to Link Acceleration.  The rate at which your Link Speed or Velocity (speed in creating back-links) increases in a constant period of time is called Link Acceleration.

Link Acceleration and Link Velocity

In Search Engine Optimization, Link Acceleration and Link Velocity are closely associated.   Your site’s Link Velocity greatly depends on the consistency on how fast or slow you create backlinks.   Its importance in link-building also has to do in developing high authority websites which search engines can trust.  On the other hand, Link Acceleration is the rate or speed on how you increase your back-links in a specific length of time.  It has to do with increasing your Link Velocity and this is when you need to balance your link-building effort to maintain your site’s authority and ranking.

In most cases, basing from the incidents that happened after the release of Google Panda, most search marketers tend to overdo their Link Acceleration activities.  This has resulted to numerous high authority websites being penalized by Google. 

Though Link Acceleration can boost your website’s rank, it is very important to keep a moderate speed in increasing your links.  To note, sudden spikes of traffic and back-links due to natural occurrences like your site being featured in mainstream media (i.e. TV and Newspapers) are not considered by search engines as malicious or artificial.  Believe it or not, search algorithms nowadays are equipped with metrics and equations that can accurately determine which one is authentic and which one is full of garbage.

Here in One SEO Company, we only offer quality and ethical strategies in boosting your website’s traffic and conversions.  Our ultimate objective is to help our clients in achieving profitable success by helping them build credible brand and reputation online which are trusted by search engines and customers.


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