The Importance of Creating a SEO-Friendly Website Design

March 5, 2012 (1VIZABILITY.COM - Design Tips)

Businesses nowadays need to have strong online presence to compete with thousands or even millions of competitors on the internet.  To enable your company to leverage in the increasing demand of online transaction or e-commerce, your business marketing strategy should put considerable amount  of effort in developing a credible and solid  online brand that is trusted not only by your customers but also by search engines.

Your Company Website and the Search Engines

The first step in creating a solid online foundation for your business is by building a website that can be easily seen by search engines.   Your website design implementation should not only focus on aesthetics and appearance but also, it has to focus on the important factors that could affect its ranking in search engines (i.e. Google Search).

Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing play a great role in today’s online marketing strategies.  Entrepreneurs and businessmen should keep in mind that billions of people worldwide use search engines to find information and products or services online.  To leverage on this search demand, your company’s website design should be SEO-friendly (i.e. if a potential customer search for “best law firm in New York”, your website should rank on that keywords in the search engine result pages).  Most internet users click those websites listed on the first page of search results because aside from it’s the most convenient thing to do, search engines nowadays rank website according to credibility and trust.

How to Make Your Website Design SEO-Friendly

Search engine optimization or the process of making your website rank in a specific set of keywords in search engines, should go hand in hand with your website design. Below are some useful tips to make your web design SEO-friendly.

  • Avoid using Flash in your website.  Search engine bots don’t crawl or index flash files.
  • As much as possible avoid using JavaScript in your CSS drop down navigation.  Same with flash SE (search engines) spiders don’t index JavaScript files.
  • Avoid using Frames.  As much as possible don’t try to incorporate them in your website design.  SE bots find it difficult to crawl or index websites that use frames.
  • Before implementing any textual navigation like titles and headers on your web design, be sure that all the keywords you used are the result of an intensive keyword research.

Above are just among the important web design tips to make your e-commerce or company site SEO-friendly.  If you are an entrepreneur or a businessman who want to learn more about search engine optimization and web design, One SEO Company has experienced SEO consultants who will guide you on how to start optimizing your website for search engines.   Send in your message or inquiry by filling up this contact form.

Qamar Zaman
Chief Visionary at One SEO Company. An Internet Entrepreneur SEO & lawyer Internet marketing professional & Starbucks Lover.
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