To keep at par or on the edge with competing firms and companies, your law firm web marketing should prioritize proven online strategies to keep your business a step ahead from the rest of your competitors.  Aside from implementing an effective SEO campaign for your law firm website, your social media marketing should go hand in hand with the rest of your online marketing efforts.

Social Media and Law Firms

Though the use of Social Media as an important and effective marketing tool has already been proven by companies and corporations who made millions of dollar through online marketing, there are still establishments especially law firms who have doubts and have second thoughts.  This is because law firms are very meticulous when it comes to online laws and policies.  A violation of terms or social website’s policy can be very detrimental to the company’s reputation.   Good news is, there are number of ways practicing attorneys and law firms can use social media to their advantage.

Benefits of Social Media in Promoting Law Firm Services

Despite the complications which can possibly arise in promoting your law services through social media, there are ample of ways where you can use this platform to your firm’s advantage. 

Use Social Media Platforms like Facebook and Twitter to Share Opinion on Legal Issues – Big social media networks like Facebook and Twitter have millions of members and offer features that help you in identifying your target audience.  You can connect with your target market by sharing legal opinions and replying to their inquiries through posting announcements and updates on your Facebook Fan Page or Twitter page.  But, you should be careful in disseminating opinions and exchanging of ideas.  Always keep in mind to treat your social media interactions as though you are in the real world.  Only give legal advice to your clients.

Maximize All Types of Social Media to Achieve Maximum Results – Don’t focus with Facebook or Twitter alone.  Remember that there are hundreds of social media platforms that you can use in promoting your services.  Aside from social networking sites, you can also make use of blogs and social bookmarking portals to boost your online promotion.

Build Relationships with Lawyers outside Your Field through Social Media – Make use of social media tools to create professional relationships with attorneys in other fields.  A close online relationship with these professionals can be very beneficial especially if they look up to you as the leader in your field.  You will just be amaze at the amount of possible referrals they can produce just through referring their existing clients who need lawyers in your field of expertise.

Establish Your Firm as the Leader of Your Field – Social Media can make or break your law firm’s reputation.  In most cases, it can help you establish authority in your field.  Use the power of blogging to exhibit your expertise by providing netizens important updates and news which are relevant in your field.  This will help you build followers and authority online.

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