Monday of last week, Google has updated again there over a year old algorithm – the Google Panda.  Search marketers consider this update as Panda 3.3. Google officially released panda more than a year ago (February 24, 2011 to be exact) to filter low quality contents and give priority to high quality ones.  For most search engine professionals, Google Panda is a game changer.  It prods search marketers to focus more on quality over quantity.  This search algorithm makes Google SEO tougher to work on compared to other big search engines like Bing and Yahoo.

Google Panda 3.3

In the early morning of February 27 (Monday), Google Panda 3.3 was officially released.  The older version, Google Panda 3.2, was released on January 15, 2012.  Some websites reported huge changes in their traffic and referrals.  Others are delighted because the effect was positive but others are left scratching their heads and wonder what went wrong.

Google Panda 3.3, same with 3.2, is considered as a data refresh.  This means that Google has ran the Panda algorithm again but there’s no changes made on the algorithm itself.

An online poll in a popular SEO website reveals that 87 percent of those who participated in the poll have websites which are still suffering from the hit of Google Panda updates.

The Future of Google SEO

Content is King.  This is the most used and repeated 4-syllabic chant in the search engine world.  Building high quality content should be one of the major priorities of search marketing with or without Google Panda.  But, this is actually not the case in the past and much more nowadays.  Every search professional knows that if content is king, and then Google is the ace.

Most search marketers focus their website optimization campaigns in ranking on Google’s search result pages.  This is because, there are more people who use Google to search and look for information online.  Reports show that in the US alone, around 70% of its online users use Google to search for products and data on the net.

As Google continues to upgrade their algorithm to give their users the best search experience, search professionals also need to keep up to deliver maximum search campaign results.

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