Blogging has always been one of the top activities online not just because it is the in thing nowadays but of various important advantages it brings to the business world.  In Search Engine Optimization alone, blogging is considered as a very effective strategy that helps websites in increasing their organic traffic and at the same time bridges the communication gap between businesses and their clients.

If you are a company wanting to start a successful online venture, blogging should be on top of your priorities in building your online brand.  Blogging brings a lot of benefits not only with online branding but with your overall SEO campaign as well.

The Advantages and Benefits of Blogging for SEO

Blogs are cost-effective– Compared to building dynamic websites, blogs are not expensive and some are even free.  There are lots of good content management systems for blogs out there that are easy to use and some are actually free of charge.   Two of the most search engine friendly blog CMS are WordPress and Blogger.  WordPress offers SEO plugins that are easy to install and Blogger is Google’s property, an advantage when you are optimizing your website to top in Google’s SERPs.

Daily blogging increases your online visibility – One of the goals of search engine optimization is to increase a website’s visibility especially in search engines.  If you have a blog, the probability of your website to be seen more often in SERPs is higher.  This is because daily posting of contents allow search engines to index your blog regularly.   If you get daily visits from search engines, it would be easier for you to optimize your website through your blog.

Search engines love blogs – This is a fact known in the search marketing industry.  Search engine spiders love to crawl blogs because of the following reasons.


  • A blog has a very simple site structure in which search engine bots can understand easily.
  • A blog has uncomplicated URL structure.  This allows SE bots to easily index all its pages and posts.
  • A blog allows instant traffic from social media networks.  Search engine algorithms nowadays have already considered social media interactions and referral s as important factors in ranking a website.
  • A blog is a good source of fresh content.  Search engines, especially Google, discloses that their latest search algorithm update (Google Panda) has more preferences in indexing fresh and new contents compared to old and redundant ones.

Credible blogging builds trust – Blogging about your business and transforming it as a tool to reach your current and prospect clients is a good start in building your authority and trust online.  Aside that it helps you in building trust with your customers, blogging also helps you develop an online authority which can be trusted by most search engines.

Here at One SEO Company, we help small businesses in building their online brand through blogging and search engine optimization.  Our SEO Services are manned by experienced search professionals who are equipped with the skills and capabilities in developing conversion oriented SEO campaigns.