For most Link Building experts, Do Follow back-links are the main fuels that keep a website’s off-site optimization process effective.  Do Follow back-links help the optimized website to rank higher in search engine result pages.  Aside from that, this type of link passes value and trust to the receiving website.

Do Follow Back-links:  A Closer Look

Every search marketer knows how important back-links are in search engine optimization.  In fact, 80% of SEO is all about Link-Building or off-site optimization.  This shows how important it is to acquire and create back-links.  But, these should not be any other back-links, they should be Do Follow.

So, what is Do Follow back-links?  Do Follow is a link attribute, or we say characteristic that makes a back-link more valuable.  A back-link without Do Follow attribute is useless in any link-building efforts because it doesn’t have any effect or doesn’t give any value to the receiving website. 

There are lots of SEO tools that can help you determine Do Follow from No Follow back-links.   Website savvy individuals will know by just checking a site’s source code.

Importance of Building Do Follow Back-links

Do Follow back-links are basically the life force of an effective link-building.  Aside from the fact that it passes value to a website, they also improve or increase a website’s page rank value.  If you have 10 Do Follow back-links from 10 websites with PR value of 5, then it has a higher possibility that your website, after a few months, will also acquire a PR of 5.

The value of Do Follow back-links depends on the level of PR a website has.  The higher the PR level, the higher the back-link value being passed.  If the link value your site is receiving is of high quality and from high PR websites, then you have bigger advantage against your competitors to top in search engine results pages.

The Balance between Do Follow and No Follow Backlinks

As most search engines’ rules and algorithms keep on changing through time, it is very important that all your search optimization efforts are aligned with these rules and don’t violate any online policies.   Ethical search engine optimization creates long term and consistent website development compared to unethical and malicious ones.  Your link-building effort should also reflect all these.

Don’t overdo the creation or accumulation of your Do Follow back-links.  Your back-linking should appear normal to search engines to avoid penalties.  Using of automatic software and other black-hat tactics can result to banning and de-indexing of your website.  Keep a normal balance of your Do Follow and No Follow back-links.  Normal websites don’t receive pure Do Follow back-links alone.   Creation of No Follow back-links should be implemented from time to time.

Here at One SEO Company, we know well how to balance our optimization efforts to achieve higher rankings but not compromising your website’s credibility to search engines.  We only employ Search Professionals who have high regards to ethics and know how to respect policies and rules.