Your website design doesn’t only include the obvious graphics and banners.  It includes how it is designed to provide better user experience and engagement, correctness of texts, quality of your site’s content, and the placement of your ads.  These factors contribute a lot on how your online portal will be rated by most search engines, especially by Google.

Since the release of Google Panda last year, search marketers all over the globe are obliged to change and improve their optimization strategies to avoid penalties and de-indexation from search engine systems.

Website Design Improvements to Survive Google Panda

There are proven and effective website design improvements to keep your online portal up to date with Google’s latest search algorithm. As a website owner, implementing the ways below is essential in coping up with Panda and in maintaining an edge from your competitors.

Make sure your website is user friendly and provides better user experience – More than anything, you should optimize your website for your readers and visitors.  Creating a clean and engaging design improves user experience and increases their engagement.   These factors are measured by search engine bots through some metrics which include the amount of time spent on the website, bounce rate, the number of web pages per visit, page response times, and conversion rates.

Conduct regular website content proofreading – Your content’s spelling and grammar matters a lot to Google’s eyes.  This is one of the factors that affect your website’s rating and authority.   Matt Cutts, the famous Google employee who’s part of the company’s Search Quality group mention the importance of spelling and grammar in of the Google’s webmaster videos in Youtube.  He said, “We noticed a while ago that, if you look at the PageRank of a page — how reputable we think a particular page or site is — the ability to spell correlates relatively well with that. So, the reputable sites tend to spell better and the sites that are lower PageRank, or very low PageRank, tend not to spell as well.”

Focus more in producing high quality content – High quality content doesn’t mean you need to publish a very long and tiring article on your website.  It is simply the publishing of contents that are useful and of relevance to your readers or visitors.  If your content is of high quality, there’s a high probability that your readers will bookmark them and will even share them to others.

Minimize the display of advertisements – Search engine crawlers nowadays are already behaving like humans.  Displaying too much ads from unrelated contents and sources can lessen your sites trust and quality.  Having too many ads also signals search engines that your website solely exist for advertisement purposes and is not a trusted source of reliable contents.

Other important factor also includes the maintenance of high quality code for your website.  For search engines to easily crawl your online portal, a clean and validated HTML or CSS should be constantly checked.

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