Search marketers and webmasters have very varied views when it comes to page rank especially Google page rank.  Most believe that page rank reflects a website’s authority; others think that it doesn’t affect your site’s ranking, while others insist that it is useless and doesn’t truly reflect a website’s worth.  But, no matter what experts believe, a page’s rank is one of the important parts of Google Search algorithm in determining the value of your website.  Google page rank plays an important role in your search engine optimization efforts.

Google’s Page Rank

It is a known fact that when it comes to search industry, Google has successfully positioned itself as the leader and the main game changer.  All search professionals have all their eyes laid on the big G as it unleashes its latest search algorithm that bypasses all gray and malicious tactics used by search hackers to game the system.  The Google Panda alone is an epitome of Google’s power in the search engine business

Google’s page rank is considered by most search marketers as an important indicator how search engines rate the overall quality, functionality, and authority of a page or a website.  The algorithm behind it is kept by Google as a secret.  Experts can only speculate what’s the mathematical equation behind it, but the exact algorithm or calculation has never been publicized.  Only Google alone knows how page rank is being formulated.  They intentionally do this to protect the system from abuse and manipulation.

Page Authority

The page rank of a website is the main indication of its authority.  The higher the page rank, the higher the website’s authority, thus increasing the probability of it being ranked higher in search engine result pages.   This is the very reason why websites with high page ranks are important in off-site SEO.

As a page’s authority is now one of the major factors that affect search engine rankings, developing and optimizing a website to gain high ratings from Google through an increase in page rank level, is necessary in any search engine optimization campaigns.

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