Legal marketing is one complex process which involves ethics and sensitive rules and policies.  Though marketing is simply about satisfying the needs of clients, legal marketing, especially when it comes to implementing newer strategies, faces some obstacles.

One main obstacle that leads to another has to do with the provider of services – the lawyer.  The lawyer’s participation in any lawyer marketing campaign is very crucial that even a single lack of focus and attention can cause failure to any legal marketing efforts.

Top Hindrances to Lawyer Marketing

What makes lawyers a bit difficult to market, and why most or some of them think marketing is not important?  Below are some of the top hindrances to lawyer marketing.

1.       Some Lawyers Hate Changes – Lawyers have very varied personalities but they have common characteristics of being tough, forward, and not open-minded enough to accept changes.  Marketing nowadays is totally different from the traditional marketing that was being practiced before.  A personality that can’t accept changes is detrimental to any marketing efforts.

2.       Some Lawyers are Not Comfortable with Marketing – Because of the legal consequences and complications that may arouse due to malpractice in legal advertising and marketing, some lawyers are not comfortable when it comes to promoting their services most especially through internet marketing.  This discomfort actually leads to fear that their legal reputation will be badly tainted due to uncontrollable occurrences that often happen online.

3.       Some Lawyers Have Doubts about Marketing – Some of them have negative perceptions about marketing.  This is may be due to some negative publicity about unethical practices in the marketing industry.  But, they should put into mind that the real purpose of marketing has to do with client satisfaction and implementing ethical and effective strategies to achieve it.  Bad practices don’t only occur in marketing but as well as in various fields and industries.

4.       Most Lawyers are Not Familiar about Marketing – Lawyers have doubts about marketing because they simply don’t understand how it works and they are not well informed about its importance in building brand and reputation.  In internet marketing for example, some lawyers are not familiar enough on how to use the power of the World Wide Web to market legal services.

5.       Most Lawyers are Too Busy to think about Marketing – Lawyers in general  focus more on serving their existing clients that they forget how to market their services during lull times.  In the legal business there are those busy days and there are also those slow times.  Attorneys should make use of their lull times learning how to market their services or they can hire marketing company which will do all the works in both busy and slow seasons.

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