This should be the very first question you should ask yourself before hiring a professional for your website design project.  Does this guy have basic understanding about internet marketing? Does he know how to incorporate SEO in his website design plans?  Yes should be the only answer to these questions.

As an online entrepreneur, employing a website designer who is also knowledgeable in search engine optimization is a great advantage because it would save you from shelling unnecessary budget in developing an ineffective design, one of the mistakes a web designer with no SEO experience can do to your website.

Why Your Web Designer Should Know About SEO?

Search engine optimization should be incorporated in your website development plan from the start to the finish.  And it doesn’t end there.  SEO is a continuous process that needs proper maintenance to keep your business at par, if not on the edge from your competitors.  Hiring the right web designer who is also equipped with SEO skills is your first step in building a well-structured and optimized website.  Always remember that a well-optimized and well-designed site offers better user experience and increases user engagement.

2 Web Design Factors that Greatly Affect On-page SEO

Your hired web design professional should know the importance of the following web design components in developing a well-SEOed website.

The Usage of Java Script, Flash, and HTML Frames – In developing a dynamic web design, the usage of java script, flash, and html frames are not recommended.  Though they may help a lot in creating a beautifully designed website, these language tools lessens the probability of your website to be found in search engine result pages.  Search engine bots have difficulty indexing online portals filled with flash designs and embedded with frames and scripts.

Website Structure and Navigation – During the designing process, the quality of user experience should be put into priority while developing the overall website structure.  Search engine nowadays favor websites with high user engagement and rating.  A well-structured online portal has high probability of gaining trust not only from people but from search engines as well.    A well-trusted website gains higher rankings which mean an increase of probability in gaining more profits and opportunities.

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