The Uproar Over the Recently Unveiled Google Panda Update Has for Many Internet Marketers Reached A Fever Pitch. Why? Ask an SEO Expert!

From my experience, the unethical business practices of greedy website marketing companies have made it more difficult for those with less than superior SEO knowledge and practices to forge ahead in the online marketing game. Many are now dealing with the harsh effect of drops in Google search rankings and are struggling for ways to get back on track. However, without focusing too much on blaming on those who ate of the forbidden black hat tactic fruit, and created the need for improved protocol to deliver more quality search results for users, understanding why there has been an uproar among many marketers who are mad about the Google Panda update is simple. Marketers and SEO experts have to now be really great at what they do!


Gone are the days where there’s room for getting by with good enough in terms of what companies present online. The information highway has reached new heights, and although sites may offer relevant information via web pages, the ease of information sharing within today’s online atmosphere has led to too much regurgitation of the same content that users are exposed to over and over. Panda seeks to weed out the unnecessary, irrelevant, and excess to deliver to search users quality results in what they are querying.

Smart SEO’s know that getting on page 1 of Google requires timed effort, which consists of:

  • Effective, SEO Friendly Website Design
  • Well Developed Content Based on a Sound Silo Architecture
  • Market Research as Opposed to Simple Keyword Research
  • And Link Building Comprising of Key Activity Sets Such As:
    • Blogging
    • Directory Submissions
    • Press Release Distribution
    • Social Media Marketing (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn)
    • Social Bookmarking

Each of these efforts requires an investment of time and money. Tasks such as directory submissions, press release distribution and social media have out of pocket costs than can range in sums of $2,000 or more per month to ensure the best outcome. This is in addition to costs associated with human resources, and etc. With the cost of implementing ethical SEO techniques being at the price point they are, those who are now forced to implement better practices due to the Panda Update, are wasting their time trying to employ ways to sell a quality SEO project for an amount that is significantly lower than their associated costs per month. It isn’t feasible to attempt to sell an SEO project for $500 per month when our costs average a minimum of $3000 per month to achieve the result of more competitive rankings for clients.

I previously sold a typical SEO project for $5000 and was able to see a profit in excess of my costs; therefore everyone was happy. Typically, SEO companies who have operated at this price point at minimum are not experiencing issues related to being de-indexed or hurting or complaining as others are. They are seeing that pricing right for what they say they offer, leads to the practice of doing ethical work.

I put in a bid for a Pay Day Loan SEO project and their IT person asked me “how many links will I get per month as your competition is giving me 10,000.” I chuckled before replying, “I can’t promise that as I will do SEO not Voodoo. I will, however, get progressive link bait that will competitively draw back links organically.” But he kept on requesting a specific number for the links he would get. Unfortunately, in staying with “my competition” his company dropped out of SERPS, lost what positioning they had, and the rest is history. Had he been my client he would have likely been on the 1st page of Google now.

The moral of the story is simple. We need to educate our clients so that they understand the value of outlined operational costs, which can keep them from paying for a significant loss of rankings in the future. For us SEO companies who operate ethically in the U.S. and maintain a fair standard, Panda is helpful, and should not be perceived as a threat. Panda is there to help tackle the problem of unethical SEO practices, and as opposed to driving ourselves mad, we should be happy to let Google take care of that.

If you have been hit by Panda and need help getting back on the right SEO track, call us today. We may be able to help you.

Qamar Zaman
Chief Visionary

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