This should be one of the questions you should ask yourself after hearing the news of Google’s latest search algorithm update.  If you are the owner of an online business, you should have already determined the vulnerabilities of your website through the help of your hired SEO professionals.   But, if you don’t have in-housed or outsourced search experts, you can only depend on your own resourcefulness and research skills on how to get the answers you wanted, or, you can continue reading below to know the answer.

How to determine if Your Website is Vulnerable to Google Panda?

The very first thing you need to do is to know what are the main factors used by Google in determining low quality websites from high quality ones.  What type of websites are highly affected by the new algorithm updates and what are the major mistakes they have committed that they are being penalized and de-indexed.  Try to research online and learn from the stories of affected webmaster and search experts who learned their lessons the hard way.

After knowing the major factors used by Google, now is the time that you determine your website’s vulnerabilities.  To help you a bit with your website evaluation, below are 2 major important issues that you should take into consideration.

Does your website provide high quality information which is of relevance to your readers? If your website is solely dedicated in gaining online profits through affiliates and AdSense without any consideration to the needs of your visitors or readers, now is the time to do a major website revamp.

Do you have massive back-links from content farm sites or from published spun articles?  You may not notice the difference of ranking immediately, but be informed that Google is now penalizing websites which are over optimized, especially those ones with massive number of back-links from published spun articles.  You should know now what you need to do next.

If you are not confident enough that you can do your own evaluation, our SEO Company helps website owners and online entrepreneurs to do an effective website reevaluation.  This is to make sure that no profit is loss while necessary measures are done to keep your online portal from being penalized and de-indexed.

Take an action now.  Don’t just wake up one day realizing that your websites are already eradicated from Google’s search engine result pages – a nightmare that can be prevented by simple Panda website reevaluation.