If you are closely monitoring the latest buzz in the search industry, the word Google Panda should definitely ring a familiar tone.  Though most professionals in the search industry put too much importance and some even sensationalize it, there are those few who think that the buzzes Google Panda creates are somewhat overrated and redundant.

Content Quality, Google, and SEO

Ever since the existence of Google, content quality is already one of the factors that affect website ranking and trust.  But, the demand of Search Engine Optimization in the early years of the search industry has temporarily curtailed the essence of quality as Black Hat SEO tactics are used by greedy online entrepreneurs to manipulate website rankings.   Fortunately, Google has caught up and punished the culprits through de-indexation and massive drop of rankings.

The Rise of Social Media

Social Media has become an unexpected agent that helps Search Engines in determining the quality, authority, and performance level of a website.  A couple of years ago, big search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing revealed that they use social media signals as one of the major factors in ranking websites.  If you will compare this change to the current Google Panda buzz, you can see that there isn’t really much difference that happened.  Social Media is still used by Google to measure quality of user experience by how actual users share and rate online contents via big social media networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Google Panda Balances Social Media and SEO

Google Panda simplifies the fusion between Search Engine Optimization and Social Media.  As social media is mainly controlled by real people, it balances the effect of artificial boosting of website rankings (SEO) by feeding search engines real-time data reflecting actual website performance and user rating.

Though no one outside Google Inc. really knows the comprehensive algorithm of the Panda program, it is still important to note that there’s really no need for an algorithm revelation.   What most search engines prefer are actually simple – a high quality website that provides better user experience and publish helpful and informative contents that are truly beneficial to users.

With or without Google Panda, our SEO Company always pushes content quality and better user experience in the forefront of our every SEO campaign.  We believe that these factors have long-lasting effects that would give our clients a huge edge against their competitors.

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