Now that websites which are employing private blog networks and article marketing (as their main sources of back-links to rank higher in search engine result pages) have been experiencing ranking problems and penalty through de-indexation, some experts are wondering if Google Panda’s next target would be those low quality free press release distribution websites which publish PR articles solely for link-building purposes.   In most cases these press releases are dumped to free PR distribution websites to accumulate easy back-links.

Free Press Release Websites: A Source of Low Quality Content

Though this doesn’t apply to all PR networks who are offering free distribution, most free PR distribution websites offer little or no value at all to readers (i.e. journalist, bloggers, and readers).  And, though there is no news yet if the abuse of using these services (to accumulate free and easy back-links) has already been detected by Google, webmasters, search experts, and especially online entrepreneurs, are advised to stay away from them.

Free Press Release Websites: Google Panda’s Next Target?

No one is really sure if Google still needs to target low quality press release websites in their next algorithm update because for all we know there has already been some changes made before to combat duplicate and thin contents.  Though the attention was focused to content farm websites, a lot of search professionals already noticed the ineffectiveness of back-links from low quality PR sites.

If Google will tighten more (which is already expected) its content quality standards, there’s a high probability that websites which solely rely their link-building efforts on free press release services will experience massive de-rankings and de-indexations.

Google Panda: The Future of SEO?

Google Panda is surely the hottest topic in SEO forums and blogs nowadays and this makes a lot of people think that the future of the search industry greatly depends in Google.   This realization resulted to resentment from other search professionals as they don’t like the idea of Google monopolizing the search engine business.

As Google SEO becomes tougher and tougher, online entrepreneurs should see to it that quality is always the forefront of their businesses.  Google becomes the leader of the search industry because they are innovative and always prioritize the needs of their clients.   This should be a great example to anyone who wants to achieve success in this industry.

As for those online entrepreneurs who want to keep their online business going, now is the time to employ a SEO company who truly knows the workings of search engines.   Only trust those who are highly competitive and have proven time record.  Never settle for anything less.

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