Blog Design Tips: How to Choose the Right Theme for your Blog

April 14, 2012 (1VIZABILITY.COM - Design Tips)

Bloggers are sometimes caught in a dilemma in choosing the best blog design theme that would perfectly fit the niche and content of their blogs.  One of the factors that made the selection difficult is the wide variety of themes to choose from and the inability to mix and match.  This particularly happens with new bloggers who have limited experience in proper visualization and harmonization of elements.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Theme          

In blogging, the impact of your blog site’s appearance and aesthetics greatly depends on its theme or template.  Improper choice of theme can result to a boring or an irritating display that would usually repel visitors away.  Choosing the right theme that would aptly suit the style and content of your blog is one of the vital components of an effective and successful blog site.

Ways to Choose the Right Template for your Blog

For sure, though you may find it hard to decide at first, in the long run you would definitely nail a design that matches your taste and would complement the overall structure of your blog site. But, in most cases, individuals who are new to blogging need more guidance and help on how to choose the best theme for their blog sites.

No matter what blog CMS (i.e. Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr) you are using, the following are effective tips which can help you choose the right theme for your blog site.

Go for a lighter background theme color – Proper color selection should be done to make your blog content more readable.  If your blog offers information more in textual context, a white background is more recommended.  Avoid dark colors like black and red as backgrounds.

Choose simple yet complete navigation structure – Go for themes with fully functional navigation structure.  Always make sure that the theme you will choose has a sidebar (a maximum of 2 sidebars is okay), main header menu, changeable header banner, and customizable footer.

Select the ones already optimized for AdSense – Look for themes that are already optimized for Google AdSense.  As you are still new to blogging, this will help you to easily set up your AdSense account so that you can immediately start earning once your blog is live online.

 Select the ones already optimized for Search Engines – There are themes, most especially in WordPress that are already search engine friendly.  This will help your blog site gain more visibility even though you have no basic knowledge in SEO.

Go for the free ones – Don’t pay for a blog template yet.  Since you are still new to blogging, look for free themes.  There are actually so many high quality and beautiful themes online which you can download for free.

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