Nowadays, there is a great need to innovate your link-building process or off-site search engine optimization to cope up with the latest algorithmic changes brought by Google Panda.  The failure to innovate would mean a big profit loss as 80% of your overall SEO efforts greatly depends in link-building.

The Importance of Link-Building in SEO

Link-building is the soul of search engine optimization.  The growth of your online business greatly depends on how effective your link-building strategies and how well they are being executed.  As most search professionals say, links are the fuel that keeps your online business on top of the rankings and keeps you ahead from your competitors.  A poorly executed link-building strategy will not only affect your rankings, but will also lessen the trust and authority you garnered from people and search engines.

Highly Effective Link-Building Tips to Survive Google Panda

Fortunately, there are several ways to combat the wrath of Google Panda to create back-links that are valuable and trustworthy.  Below are the new link-building approaches you should try.

1.  Avoid publishing articles in content farms – As this type of websites has already been devalued by Google, it is safer to keep your website away from it.  Never settle for less.

2.  Include guest blogging as one of your primary strategies – Though guest blogging’s main purpose is to build your online reputation, making it a part of your link-building efforts is a great way to increase high authority and valuable back-links.

3.  Avoid spamming forums and blogs – Blog commenting and forum profile creation are not effective anymore when it comes to building valuable back-links.  Don’t waste your time spamming blogs and forums as these will only create bad impressions about your website.

4.  Moderate your answering activity in Answer sites – Always see to it that your “answering activities” on Answer sites won’t look spammy that it would trigger website admins or other website users to label your accounts as spams.  Comment or answer only if you really know what is the solution or answer.  Don’t answer for the sake of getting back-links.

5.  Prioritize the creation of high-quality contents – This is an indirect link-building strategy that pays off well.  By regularly posting high-quality and useful contents on your website, you are attracting and encouraging people to link to your article.  Readers will even share it through social media sites because they find it informative and valuable.

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