Website Design Issue: Decrease in Traffic

April 20, 2012 (1VIZABILITY.COM - Business Tip, Design Tips)

Have you experienced a regular drop of traffic even though your website is fully optimized and your contents are always fantastic and fresh?  You might be wondering what happened or think that there’s a glitch in Google’s search algorithm.  Well, before you hasten into baseless conclusions, make sure to check first what type of traffic is currently in trouble.  Your website design might be the culprit behind it.

Decrease in direct and returning visitors

One of the main factors that affect the stability of your direct and returning traffic is your website design.  Try to re-evaluate your website design’s functionalities and put yourself in the shoes of your visitors.  And then, try to analyze why your returning visitors are already ditching your website.  Have you recently install a pop up asking them to enter their personal details?  Does the average loading speed of your page decrease?  Did you put new web design components which cause the whole site’s loading speed slower than usual?  These questions should be your basic guide in determining the cause of your problem.

Below are the most common web design issues that can greatly affect direct traffic.

1.   The ever annoying pop-up

Though pop-ups may work in some websites, more than often, they just don’t work in others.  Most people find them very annoying that they would immediately leave your website especially if a very persistent one won’t let you out if you won’t give your personal details.  This kind of forced information submission is definitely a big NO-NO.

2.   Slow loading pages bore people

Who would want to waste their precious time waiting for a slow-loading page?  The loading speed of your website should be fast to enable your users and customers to fully appreciate the products and services you offer.  Check any coding errors that could have directly affected your website speed.

3.   Some image formats slow down page loading

Your web designer should be well aware of this.  Avoid using images with bitmap and jpeg formats.  Always go for PNG and GIF.  Check the recent banner ad you installed in your header.  Be sure to change its image format to PNG or GIF.

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