This is the continuation of our first blog post detailing the first 4 Highly Effective Law Firm Marketing Ideas that you might not have thought of before.  As Law Firm Marketing has more tedious and meticulous components compared to promoting other niches, online marketing professionals should be well-rounded enough to determine the opportunities in promoting legal services.

Compared to other lucrative businesses, the legal industry possesses great advantages when it comes to establishing trust because the industry itself is an epitome of authority which is believed by the society to provide equal justice to everyone. Though this is the common case, marketing legal services still requires hard-work and skills.

To help you out with your legal marketing needs, here is the second set of 4 highly effective lawyer marketing ideas that you might not have thought of before (or haven’t been done yet by your competitors).

1.  Connect with colleagues and clients in social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.  Social media networks are surely the in thing nowadays.  Though its main function is to connect friends and socialize online, these platforms have been proven effective in marketing products and services.  Making use of Twitter and Facebook to connect with your colleagues and clients is an initial step to increase the exposure of your legal services.

2.  Create your own law blog and visit the blogs of your fellow lawyers.  Having your own blog where you can freely publish anything you want to share to your readers is a great way to promote your services.  You can transform your blog into an exhibition platform wherein you can show your expertise to your potential clients.  You can also create blog topics wherein you offer free legal advice to your readers.  On the other hand, in your free time, you can go “blog hopping” and participate in various legal-related topics discussed by your fellow lawyers online. This will keep you up to date with the latest trend in your field and at the same time you will gain friendships and connections from your “co-blawgers”.

3.  Feature your services on your blog and ask your friends to promote your blog posts.  Blogging about what you offer and asking your friends to help you promote them is definitely a great idea.  Choose those friends of yours who are somewhat popular with people.  Just don’t be too obvious though.  For example, you can blog about the latest news about the increasing DUI cases in your locality and then ask your friend to share your blog post on their social networking websites.  Your blog post offers information about DUI cases which can attract readers.  These readers can become potential clients or referral of clients.

4.  Hold a legal online debate.  This is actually not very popular but you can hold an online debate through the use of forums and blogs.  You can start a topic about a debatable issue and ask your readers to comment or give their opinions about it.  After the debate you can write the result of the discussion and publish them on your blog or website.  People will love you because you value their opinions by featuring them on your blog posts.  What’s better way to attract potential clients than to make them feel important and valuable?

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