How to Know if Pinterest Works for your Business?

Pinterest is the newest social media network in the World Wide Web tagged by some social media experts as the “It Girl” in the online marketing industry.  This name might have to do with its over 11 million users which are mostly females.   It has become a social media phenomenon as its number of members increased by 200 times in just three months.  This is according to, a web information company based in California.

How Pinterest Works?

Pinterest can be compared to social bookmarking sites like Digg and Reddit.  The main difference is that it focuses on image content rather than textual ones.  Pinterest members can publish and share image contents and categorize them according to their interest.  Once the images are pinned, other members can like them by repinning them, thus telling the rest of the Pinterest community that these image contents garnered the highest interest because they are re-pinned countless of times.

These image contents can be originally owned by a Pinterest member or they are just picked up somewhere on the web.  Pinterest links are also do-follow which is viewed by most online marketers as a plus, especially when it comes to search engine optimization.

Does Pinterest Works for your Business?

Small businesses report that their websites’ referral traffic has increased in a short period of time after they signed up to Pinterest.  These businesses are mostly from the fashion, cooking, and crafting niches wherein pinning photos works well in attracting potential customers.  But, how about on other niches, does Pinterest still work for businesses (i.e. SEO, Software Development)?  The answer is yes.  Everything just really depends on how creative your marketing strategy is and how well you know the behavior of your target audience.

If you have a SEO company, you may find it difficult at first to imagine how you can attract Pinterest members to check on your services.  Of course, your target audiences are those members who have online businesses and are interested to increase their profitability through search.  With a creative and resourceful mind, and good graphic designs, you can actually propel your SEO business on top of the Pinterest community, thus giving it an online visibility boost.

How to know if your Pinterest Strategy is Effective?

Determining the effectiveness of your Pinterest campaign is actually very easy.  Just make use of your Google Analytics account and check the number of referral traffic from the site which has converted to “leads”.  If most of your referral traffic have converted to “leads”, that means that you are on the right track and you should continue your strategy.  On the other hand, if most of the referral traffic have high bounce rates and didn’t convert into “leads”, then you should consider a new strategy or may be, your type of business doesn’t match well with the interest of most Pinterest members.


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