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May 3, 2012 (1VIZABILITY.COM - Design Tips)

Making money through blogging has become a niche in online marketing and is very popular with bloggers and online entrepreneurs alike.  Blogging is not just a mere hobby but also considered by most netizens as an alternative way to earn passive income on the internet.  One of the most popular ways of earning a passive income through your blog is by accepting banner and text advertising.

The payments most bloggers get through placement of ads vary according to the popularity and ranking of their blogs.  In most cases, popular blogs charge higher advertisement pay compared to those unpopular ones.  One very important thing to take into consideration though in displaying different types of advertisements on your blog is the consistency of you blog design.

Types of Banner Ads

Most advertisements displayed on blog sites are categorized into two, the image and the text.  For images, squares and rectangles are the common shapes, and for texts, the length and number of lines are the varying factors.  They are the different elements of most blog ads.

For a blog site to effectively display advertisements that won’t destroy the features and functions of its design, correct elements should be properly considered before implementing any changes.

Impact of your Ads on your Blog Design

A well-thought display of advertisements on your blog can be both beneficial to your readers and your advertisers.  On the other hand, a poorly executed ads placement can result to a decline of visits and your advertisers withdrawing their contracts.

One of the very basic things to remember in displaying advertisements on your blog site is to foresee if the ads you accepted is suitable for your audience.  If you have health blog site, you should never accept banner advertisements that are not related to health and fitness.

Another thing you need to keep in mind is to avoid displaying too many advertisements.  Aside from the fact that it won’t make your readers and visitors happy, it can also cause your blog to load slower which can result to poor user experience and rating.

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