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Dallas, Texas (PRWEB) May 08, 2012

OneSeoCompany.com a Dallas based Lawyer Internet Marketing & Branding company explains the recent changes made by Google. The new concept know as entity based search which is a new addition to Google algorithm may help support the online marketing initiatives of attorneys and law firms seeking to expand their web presence.

Google has implemented several changes to help support the broad goal of providing users with better content quality with the results generated from search queries. The use of search entities is the latest step towards the effort to help the search engine differentiate between content that is relevant to users and that, which lacks substance.

What are search “entities?”

Entities in terms of search are any items that have a real world existence that may be queried by users. Google assigns to various entities attributes that support the search engine’s “understanding” of what the searched term may mean. For example, if the term “personal injury lawyer” is searched, traditional query results may have included items that represented the words “personal” “injury” and “lawyer” as separate terms. However, the new algorithm changes aid the search engine in understanding it and other long-tail keywords as one meaningful phrase.

How Search Entities Benefit Lawyer SEO

Attorneys and law firms can reap the benefit of Google’s entity based search. It can support the efforts of legal professionals to be regarded as an online authority in their chosen practice areas. Traditionally, there was an emphasis placed on keywords integrated into content for competitive placement in search results. Then, there was a shift towards recognizing those with authoritative links. The move toward emphasizing search entities is supportive of getting the well written, purpose designed content released by attorneys and law firms the recognition it has longed deserved. Also, links within social media and professional sites may add additional value in identifying connected attributes. As a lawyer Internet marketing One SEO Company can provide attorneys and law firms with a free consultation about the process of becoming recognized as a search entity on Google, and the benefits specific to one’s practice area or law firm.

About OneSEOCompany Lawyer Internet Marketing

OneSEOCompany in relationship with leading lawyers has developed unique legal marketing product suite that help the new entity based SEO.

For more information about how entity based SEO increase lawyer web marketing contact Dallas Internet Marketing experts at One SEO Company. Our lawyer marketing experts can aid in expanding the online presence of your small practice or large firm, contact us today.

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