The Role of Blogs in Google’s Freshness Update

May 8, 2012 (1VIZABILITY.COM - Google News, SEO News)

Google’s Freshness Update or the Data Freshness Update was released on November of last year but only applies to a specific type of query (the one for news-related traffic).  But, just last March of this year, they announced the 50 search quality changes they did to their program.  One of the most important highlights of their March update is the improvements they implemented for their Data Freshness Update.  Queries are not limited to news-related traffic anymore but to all types of searches.

The Data Freshness Update is one of the most important factors that greatly affect Google SEO today.

Blogging and Google’s Data Freshness Update

To rank on top of Google’s search results pages, most commercial websites incorporate blogging as one of the primary strategies in their online marketing campaign.  As it is a common knowledge in the online marketing world that search engines love to crawl and index blog sites, most entrepreneurs are leveraging from this opportunity.

Most search engines find it easier to crawl and index a blog site mainly because of its simple design and structure.  Compared to static websites, most blog sites are rich in textual contents and are updated in daily basis.  The regular content publication in blog sites is blogging’s greatest advantage when it comes to fresh content production.  This also gives blogging an edge when it comes to Google’s Data Freshness update.

Google’s Data Freshness Update prioritizes contents that are fresh and up to date with the latest demands from the queries made by searchers.

The Role Blogs Play in Google’s Data Freshness Update

Effective blogging is the common denominator of most successful blog sites.  Blogging for business is definitely not a run of the mill task as it needs not only effort and time but also a well-planned strategy to increase traffic and profits.  Google’s latest search query change, the Data Freshness Update, prods more online entrepreneurs to use blogging as a marketing tool to increase online visibility.

Blogs nowadays are the main component responsible in creating fresh contents to attract more traffic from search engines as well as to encourage visitors to become loyal readers.  With Google’s latest Data Freshness Update, incorporating an effective blogging strategy in any of your internet marketing campaigns is now a must.

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