Of all the things Google introduces to the public, it is the Panda update that created the biggest impact (so far) to online entrepreneurs especially the people in the search marketing industry.  The Panda effect is phenomenal that it garners numerous feedbacks and criticisms (though Google maintains their stand that the update is all about improving search quality and enhancing quality of service to their users).  Nevertheless, the Panda Update becomes phenomenal as it greatly affects the search industry and all business niches including the Legal Services which are also promoted through online marketing or more specifically through Law Firm Web Marketing.

Law Firm Marketing after Google Panda is never been the same and search marketing professionals are now well aware that a single search optimization mistake can cost a firm’s reputation and branding.

Google Panda and Law Firm Marketing

Same with the rest of business niches, marketing a law firm online should be in line with Google’s search quality algorithms and one of the most important algorithm changes Google has released is the Panda update.  In marketing a law firm online, especially when it comes to search engine optimization, the first in priority should be the quality of content and its relevance to a specific page.

Law Firm Marketing Guidelines after Google Panda

Google Panda update, though may sound very phenomenal, has straightforward goal that is to provide higher quality search results to Google users.  To keep up to date with this search quality change, the following should always be put into practiced especially in online law firm marketing.

1.  Always put into mind that you are creating a content for real people.  To maintain content quality, be mindful of the content you created.  Does it have relevance to your target audience?  Does your audience find it relevant?  Always make sure that you have yeses as answers to these questions.

2.  Publish or create contents that are unique or has not been published anywhere before.  What is the use of publishing or creating contents which already exist somewhere else?  You should create unique contents and make sure that they are what your target audience need.  Google loves fresh and new contents.

3.  Do not attempt to use any underhand or black hat techniques.  Throw away all the black hats because no matter how good you are at it, Google can always detect what you are doing and this will lead to big penalties like de-indexation and sandbox.

4.  Do not over optimize.  This is actually part of Google’s Over Optimization update but this is also a very useful tip when it comes to Law Firm Marketing.  Always remembers that too much of anything is bad.  This also goes in search engine optimization.  Avoid being too aggressive in your SEO campaign that could lead to over optimized pages or spammy contents.

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