Do you have an upcoming blog that you want to incorporate in your overall business marketing strategy?  You should be more creative in setting up your “Coming Soon” page to avoid wasting time while you are still in the process of putting up its final touches.

Start pooling followers while your blog is still under construction by making use of the following “Coming Soon” blog design ideas.

Top Eight “Coming Soon” Blog Design Tips

Your blog’s “Coming Soon” page should be informative enough to let people know what you intend to publish (or services and products you want to promote).  Don’t just put a message like “Blog under Construction” or redirect your visitors to a parking page.  This kind “Coming Soon” page is boring and can’t elicit excitement and curiosity from your potential readers and customers.

To transform your “Coming Soon” page into a tool that helps increase customer anticipation, get initial subscription from interested readers, and keep them on the loop, try to incorporate the following effective “Coming Soon” blog design tips.

  1. Video Trailer – A short video clip with an attractive content about what you are trying to build is a good element in an effective and useful “Coming Soon” page.  Be sure to make your video load faster as most people have no patient in waiting.
  2. Display information about your blog – One of the most basic element webmasters tend to forget putting up in their “Coming Soon ” pages, is a summary on what is the blog all about and  what people need to know once the blog will be launched.  This information alone will make them go back more especially if what you are trying to finish is in line with their interest.
  3. Put a subscription box – Encourage your visitors to pre-subscribe to your daily blog post by giving them an initial offer wherein a “No” answer is not an option.  It’s all up to you or your marketing team how you can make a great offer at enticing people to pre-subscribe.
  4. Keep visitors on the loop through social media streams – If you are done creating social media accounts for your blog, you can use them to inform potential readers what efforts your company are currently doing to finish the blog construction.  You can either put a Facebook or Twitter live stream on your “Coming Soon” page.  If you don’t want to put a live stream, you can just put the Facebook and Twitter logos on the page and link them to the actual profile pages.
  5. Provide useful contact information – If you are going to launch a consulting or shopping blog, you may want to leave your important business contact details on your “Coming Soon” page, like the physical address of your office or shop, landline or mobile number, and email address.
  6. Invite visitors to test what your offer in beta – This is applicable to blogs which offers technology innovated products or software.  If your blog will be promoting about a certain web-based application or program, you may invite your visitors to become one of your testers.  Fellow bloggers are great testers too, you may invite them also.
  7. Product and service marketing – Give people a hint or preview on how your products look like.  If you are planning to blog about your latest online dress shop, you may put a mini photo-gallery of the best dress designs in your stock.  If people will notice how gorgeous the stuff you offer, they will be delighted to come back and become one of your loyal customers.
  8. Create curiosity and build anticipation – If you want a more mysterious “Coming Soon” page wherein people are left asking what really your blog is all about, then make use of logos and mystery laden one or two liners.  Your wordings should capture the imagination of your visitors that they can’t help but bookmark your page because they are very curious what your blog is all about.

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