In search engine optimization, it is not only important that you get website commendations from outside sources, it is also important that you are developing your own web properties that you can control and can be used as complementary online properties to support your other websites.  Just think of websites as square meters of land in the real world.  The more land you own, the richer you become.  This also goes the same in the World Wide Web.  The more websites you have, the more online opportunities you can create.

What are Social Sites?

Social sites are also known as Web 2.0.  If you are still confused they are online platforms commonly used by people to communicate, publish contents, or simply connect and upload or download almost anything online.  Most common example of social websites are blogs like WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, My Journal, Multiply, Zimbio, Hub Pages, Squidoo, and the list goes on.

Developing your own Social Site properties

Unlike actual web site development, developing your own social site properties does not need an expensive budget.  You only need someone who knows the workings of a basic social site and you are good to go.  Building your own social site properties is a lot easier to develop compared to building a website from scratch.

Benefits of Having your Own Social Site Properties

As an online entrepreneur, developing your own social site properties is a good online marketing strategy.  First, you have overall control on what you want to do with your social sites.  If you have like a hundred well-managed web 2.0 properties (all have high PR and have fair amount of traffic), you can either monetize or sell them.  There are lots of ways to monetize popular websites and selling them should be in the bottom of your list.

Your social site properties can help you a lot when it comes to making your new websites more visible online.  As they are already established and trusted online portals, they are good sources of website commendations necessary to make your new websites appear in the first page of search engine result pages.

Are you interested in developing your Own Social Sites?  

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