Are you one of the unfortunate website owners who have been massively hit by the Google Penguin Update lately?  Is it because you have done some link-building mistakes before like hiring someone to publish fake press releases just to create more back-links for your website?

If you are guilty of doing the above web spamming crime, then you really have a serious problem.  But, don’t lose hope.  Though there’s no way you can remove all those thousands of bad back-links in just one setting, there are some alternatives that can help you get out of that sticky and hopeless situation.

The Irony of Back-link Removal

It is actually funny to note that just a few months ago some webmasters and SEOs (who didn’t heed Google’s warning) were very busy building website commendations, creating “authority” back-links here and there, and using automated software to create hundreds or thousands of back-links instantly.  Now, those who engaged with these massive web spams are suffering from the rage of Google’s Penguin.

Rankings and traffic are dropping here and there.  Web owners are looking for ways to get back their massive losses by searching for tools or software that can help them get rid of the bad back-links (that are pulling their webpage down to the abyss of zero exposure and visibility).

This “funny” and ironic situation garnered mixed reactions from online marketing professionals.  Some congratulate Google for a job well done, while others are enraged and cried foul.

Alternative Ways to “Remove” Bad Back-Links

If you visit forums and go to answer sites and some blogs, there are lots of queries lately if there are software available to automatically remove thousands of automated back-links.  Unfortunately, there is no easy ways in cleaning up ones crime because as of this writing, there is no automated software yet that is introduced in the market that can automatically erase all your web spamming activities.

If you have, for example, over a hundred bad-backlinks from low quality press release websites and you think that these links are the main cause of the massive drop of your traffic and rankings then you are on for a very tedious task.  You need to visit all those PR sites, log in on your account and delete all those fake press releases.  But, if by any chance, those press releases are created automatically and you have no access to delete them, then you have to contact the owners of those press release websites and ask them to take down each press release.

Another alternative way is to start building real and high authority back-links to saturate the bad back-links you incurred from your fake press releases.  You can start by submitting authentic press release copies to credible press release distribution companies .

If all the alternative ways above still don’t work, it is time to buy a new domain name and call One SEO Company to help you recover from Google Penguin.