Benefits of Inbound Marketing for your Online Business

May 30, 2012 (1VIZABILITY.COM - Business Tip)

The internet has paved way to a more dynamic and cost-effective type of marketing, wherein consumers are the ones who look for products and services they like, and marketers just simply relax and watch how the strategies they integrated work.  This process of attracting target audience without massive and shameless strategies to divert their attention to your business is called Inbound Marketing.

Inbound Marketing: A Closer Look

If you are still a neophyte in the online marketing industry, you may have some difficulty understanding what inbound marketing is.  The truth is, inbound marketing is all around you and you merely notice it because it is not “old school marketing”.

To give you more detailed examples of inbound marketing, here’s a screenshot from Rand Fishkin’s slide presentation “The Unfair Advantage of Inbound Marketing”.

As you see, inbound marketing focuses more on what the users are looking for, and making use of online technologies so that your business can be found easily.  In organic search rankings, consumers are the ones who go online and look for the products and services they need by searching them on famous search engine websites like Google or Bing.  In social networks like Facebook and Twitter, potential customers are exposed to great contents that they can’t help but like and share them to their friends and extended networks.  These are common examples of inbound marketing strategies used by today’s successful online businesses.

Benefits of Inbound Marketing

According to Hubspot’s 20 Fresh Stats About the State of Inbound Marketing in 2012, 89% of businesses are either maintaining or increasing their inbound marketing budgets.  One of the reasons why this is happening is because the average cost-per-lead for inbound marketing is lower compared to outbound.  Here’s a screenshot from Hubspot’s slide presentation.

This data clearly shows that inbound marketing is more affordable compared to outbound and are more beneficial for startups or small businesses.

Other important benefits are the following.

  1. It increases consumer interactions, engagement, and empowerment – For your business to grow and become a trusted brand, you should provide your customers an avenue where they can interact with each other and engage in discussing the advantages and disadvantages of your products or services.  This will enable you to easily track what they really need and how you can improve your standards to meet their expectations.
  2. Accessible and credible measurement tools – In inbound marketing, tools for performance analysis and evaluation can easily be integrated with your overall strategy, thus giving you an uncomplicated task in measuring the success or failure of your campaigns.  Most famous performance measurement tool used by inbound marketers nowadays is Google Analytics.
  3. Easier integration of online resources that allows harmonious organizational connectivity – Because inbound marketing can be easily controlled and integrated into your organizations functional areas (of course with the help of inbound marketing experts), better communication and synchronicity of goals will be achieved.

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