Competitive search engine placement on heavily trafficked sites like Google is paramount for online marketing success today. Many companies are reaping the benefit of their efforts to increase the quality of the content they disseminate throughout the web, spawned by Google’s recent steps to ensure that more of what is being returned to users in search queries better serves their needs. However, some have yet to get a handle on crafting news releases/blogs that aid them in achieving the best ranking possible in search results when one is looking for a product or service similar to what they provide.

One of the most important details to pay attention to in developing a news release is the headline or title tag in your website marketing strategy. A good headline can have a tremendous impact on not only how one’s news will be perceived by a target audience, but also by search engines. The following are tips that can be used to structure the headline of any news release and improve its marketability in search.

  • Write for People Not Search Engines:  Headlines should be an interrupter, or a cause for readers to stop and take a deeper look. A good headline can snap a prospect from out of a state of sleep to being alert; leading them to want to learn more. For example: 14 Digital Camera Buying Tips From Dallas Photographer would be eye catching to someone looking to make a digital camera purchase who may lack important knowledge about it. Thus, headlines that provide an overview of what readers can expect in the body of a news release is far better received than those that attempt to hook readers in with a false sense of what’s to come. When crafting a headline, keep in mind that further distribution of a news release is an important goal and readers (and/or advancing search engines today) rarely; if all, share stories they find deceptive.
  • Target key phrases: Instead of targeting keywords like New York car accident lawyer in your anchor text, go after car accidents, New York lawyer, accident attorney near in Manhattan, etc. This helps the search engines determine whether one’s news item is relevant to what users are searching for. Choosing a primary key phrase that is a popular term queried by a particular target audience and including it in the headline is beneficial for attracting high attention to one’s release.
  • Don’t Overcrowd a Headline – Limit the headline to 66 – 70 characters.
  • Include a Sub-Headline – While the headline interrupts the prospects, the sub-headline validates the interrupt. A sub-headline provides an opportunity to include the additional detail or summary information one might find necessary to further peak the interests of readers. Including a well structured one after a headline can offer this type of support.
  • End Result – Goal oriented writing fares better in maintaining relevancy throughout one’s news release when crafting it from headline to end. Determine what feedback you desire from distributing a news release, and write to elicit that desired response.

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