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The Lawyer Marketing and search attorney engine optimization company One SEO Company helps law firms attract new clients to their websites by redesigning their websites and by performing search engine optimization services. Qamar Zaman, One SEO Company’s Chief Visionary, discusses whether a law firm should post a video on its website.

Some law firms post videos that are simply television advertisements reproduced on their websites. Such a video is unlikely to provide much value to a potential client who has already found the law firm’s website and who is making a decision about whether to hire the firm.

A strong, compelling video, however, can help convert a website visitor into a client. Powerful videos usually provide helpful information and focus on how the attorneys can help prospective clients solve their legal problems. Much like an article on a legal subject published in a non-legal publication, a video that provides useful information demonstrates that the lawyers have deep knowledge about the subject matter and can capably handle the client’s legal problems. The ideal video should differentiate the firm’s attorneys from their competitors and help prospective clients match faces and personalities to the attorney’s names. A video that conveys an attorney’s desire to help people resolve their legal issues will likely resonate with prospective clients.

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