The Wall Street Journal recently published a report revealing Google’s plan on launching their newest small-business service as early as July.  The search giant, who has recently launched Google+ Local to encourage local businesses to create their own pages in the social network, is now gearing for the launching of the newest business service specifically aimed at the market they’ve been targeting for quite a long time.

According to WSJ, the new service that will be launched was at one point has been called as the Business Builder.   This latest business service is a combination of various products and services that are packaged as one and is strategically aimed at local businesses.   The whole service package is composed of programs (which Google internally developed) and applications and technologies they have acquired externally.

Google’s Newest Service Package for Local Businesses

The new service package is mainly powered by Google+ Local pages and equipped by AdWords Express, Google Offers, Google Delivery, TalkBin, Google Wallet, and Punchd.

All these tools are specifically tailored for local businesses and will be incorporated on all business pages listed under Google+ Local (if business owners will subscribe).  Or, may be, they will launch the service under a trial set up, allowing local business owners to experience the advantages of using the applications  and let them send feedbacks if they are comfortable using them.

Externally Acquired Applications

Among the listed tools and applications, TalkBin and Punchd are the only ones which are not developed by Google.  They were acquired by the search giant last year.  TalkBin allows in-store customers who are using smartphones to send a feedback to the store’s manager through SMS.  Punchd is also a smartphone-based application that allows in-store customers to earn points through a loyalty-rewards program.

Internally Developed Applications

Google+ Local, AdWords Express, Google Offers, Google Delivery, and Google Wallet are all developed by Google.  Google+ Local allows local business owners to set up their business pages inside the big G’s social network.  AdWords Express is a new search advertising tool that allows business owners to easily set up their ad campaigns in Google Search.  Google Offers is created to compete with Groupon and allows local stores to offer discounts to Google subscribers.  And, Google Wallet allows people to pay for store goods using their smartphones as wallets.

As Google specifically pointed out that all Google+ Local pages are indexed in Google Search, this latest progress in local business listings carries lots of potentials and opportunities both for local business owners and online marketing professionals.

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Google Readies New Local-Ad Assault,

Photo Credit:  WSJ